London Day 1!

(This picture is from before take off in Vancouver)

Well we made it to London.  We landed at around 11:30am London time. The first thing that I noticed was the different names things had, elevators became lifts and bathrooms or restrooms became toilets, and the voice instructing you in the airport had a British accent. It sorta felt like I forgot that so many people had British accents. It was almost comedic how I reacted.

Why didn’t anyone tell us how muggy it is here. It was muggy in the airport and our hotel is muggy too! We are on the top floor but it is really hot in here.


To get to our hotel we took the underground. We’re staying somewhere closeish to the airport however the underground doesn’t go there so we went into town then back to our hotel which was kind of a pain but we got to start to see how the underground works and got to see a lot of interesting people. A school group got on the first train. They were maybe 14 or so. I believe that they were a school group from Spain and all I could think about is how similar the kids that I know around that age were. They were loud and talking over one another. Friends sit with friends. They dressed just like I did in middle school. It was a really good first taste of Europe.

Once we finally got to our hotel it was 3pm in London, that means 7am in Seattle. We’d been in town for 4 hours after being on a plane for 9. We did what everyone said not to do. We slept. for about 3 hours. I know it’s not supposed to be good for jet lag or whatever but we needed it. Now it’s a little past 8 and we’re going to go get dinner soon!

If you’ve been to London what should we not miss?



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