London Days 2-5!

I’m so in love with this city. The architecture is so amazing and it changes from one building to the next in very dramatic ways. The people have been nice and the Atmosphere has been just right. Not too rushed but not lazy in anyway.

Also I really need better titles for these posts!

Day 2

Day 2 was the day that we did one of the things that I’d been looking forward to the most. We went to Hampton Court Palace which is Henry VIII’s palace. There are a hand full of pictures in my last post. I can’t seem to find the words to describe this place. It was so beautiful and each wing was so different.

Before I actually talk about the Palace I have to talk about the ride getting there. I must preface this by saying that in Seattle I bus a lot. Almost daily I at least bus from school to home. I know how to bus and generally back home I don’t get lost. That wasn’t the case on Day 2 in London. I looked up instructions for how to get from Shepherd’s Bush where we’re staying to Hampton court. Took a picture. It all should work out. Right? Hah. We walked in a circle the wrong way. I think I heard “You made us walk 2 MILES” about 10 times. Although really it wasn’t even a mile. Only to realize that the bus picked up right in front of the tube station… Across from our hotel. The rest of getting there was pretty easy. One transfer. Getting back was easy as well minus getting off at the wrong stop and having to get on the next bus.

On to the Palace. The palace is from two different times and two different kings.  That was obvious in every detail as they were both very distinct. One was all white walls and murals while the other had huge tapestries and smaller detailing. The gardens outside were amazing although we only saw the formal garden through the windows. We did go out to the lawn and into the rose garden. The rose garden was one of my favorite places on the grounds. They had roses of every size and color and it smelled amazing.  (See photos below) My other favorite thing from the palace was the clock I don’t know what it is but I’ve been loving all the clocks in London. They’re all so different and all so beautiful! I can’t describe the palace but if you look at my last post there are some pictures there! I’m still trying to find a good place to post all of my photos. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

After Hampton Court we went to this fancy little Italian restaurant across from the bus stop called La Fiamma. We got wine and pasta, I had spaghetti with seafood and Suzanne had some kind of beef pasta thing both were amazing but I must say I really loved mine, and had some gelato and finished the day with another long bus ride back to our hotel, this time only getting lost once.

Day Three

Day three was when Jet Lag hit us hard. We’d had basically 4 big days in a row and the time difference killed us. We basically slept a lot. We did go to a grocery store and got some food; bread, milk, peanut butter, coke zero, cookies. Just the necessities. And we went to the huge mall near our hotel which is actually really nice and I went back yesterday. It was basically a day of exploring the neighborhood around us.

Day Four

Day four was the first day that we went into what I guess I would call Downtown London. We’d purchased three day passes for the Big Bus Tours which is a hop on hop off tour service with one line that has a live narrator and one that has an audio tour. On the first day of the tours we just rode around listening to the audio tour. On this day we found what has become our favorite food stop. It’s called Pret A Manger. It’s a little chain that seems kinda like it’s to London what Starbucks is to Seattle. But their whole thing is that everything is made in store the same day you buy it. They make the BEST croissants that I’ve had. They have sandwiches, fruit, and soups along with the pastries and coffee, also if you know how much I love orange juice you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of those Evolution Orange Juices at Starbucks and they have juice that’s maybe even better!!! This was the first day that we saw all of the sights.

Day 5

This was yesterday. First I’ll talk about the show we saw then I’ll talk about the other stuff we did.

Yesterday Suzanne and I saw The Book of Mormon. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. It was rude and I’m positive not everyone would enjoy it but I sure did. It was funny and smart and If you’re not easily offended or you like South Park (Or shows like it) you’ll love it! When I went to New York back in 2008 We saw Legally Blonde on Broadway and I really loved it. Now on the West End I saw The Book of Mormon. I wish I went to more shows. I always forget how much I love them.


Before and after the show we went on two different live guide bus tours and saw even more. We did stop by Saint Paul’s Cathedral but it cost money so I think I’m going to go back alone today while Suzanne goes to the gardening museum. I love seeing everything and having someone who knows what they’re talking about and can point out the best photo ops was helpful. On the tours I’ve met people from Brazil, Turkey, and Argentina along with seeing people from all over the place! While tours are touristy and there are other ways of seeing the city I found them to be helpful and interesting!


Well. Today we’re going to go to Westminister, Take a river cruise, I’m going to see Saint Pauls, and We might go to the Tower of London although I think we were thinking about dedicating most of tomorrow to that.

I guess I’d better wake my mom up seeing as it’s 10am here.
I’ll try to post more regularly!!!



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