Paris Day One (Aka day 10) 

We’ve made it to France!  

 Unfortunately for us Suzanne has caught a nasty cold and on our first day in Paris we were unable to go out to do much. I walked around Le Marais where were staying but it’s Sunday so most things are closed. I did get some pho which was good and I stopped by a French grocery store to get some stuff to sneak into our room for my mom. We did get a chance later in the day for both of us to go out and walk around together. 


Tonight I went out to see the music that’s been playing all day. We’re about two blocks from a huge stage that’s been set up in the square so I walked out to see some of what was around. After standing at the big stage for a bit I walked down the street a little to a small cafe where another band was playing right outside. I sat above near a group of French girls and we soon started talking. 

  They were super sweet and we hung out for a while. They shared some food and advice but soon I started to get tired and decided to call it a night 
Unfortunately I’m starting to feel a bit sick so I’m calling it a night early and I’m hoping this will go away overnight. 



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