Barcelona has been so amazing this far. I’m staying at one of the Sant Jordi hostels and it’s so amazing. It’s clean the beds are comfortable. Oh and it’s fun. Every night they do a communal meal for something like 5 euros. Last night was Sangria night and tonight is burrito night.

  And every night at 11 the hostel leads a bar crawl where they go to a bar and then a club. I’ve yet to go to a club but it’s a ton of fun. There are 5 (I think) sant Jordi hostels and we all meet up and you get to know people at other hostels as well. 
  Last night I went out with two girls I met who are from England and we walked down La Rambla to the beach we stopped for food and saw people dancing in a square. I’ve yet to see the beach in day time or really go out. Instead in spending most of my days by the pool with my feet dipped in. It’s so relaxed here. 
I think im going to go have a snack before we go do a bit of shopping. More later!!! 



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