Halfway through!!!

Soon I’ll be posting some pictures and a full runthrough of what I’ve been up to on the first half of this trip! But I wanted to do a quick post thanking everyone who’s been reading this and everyone who’s supporting me in every way! I’m missing home a lot but this has really been the most incredible time of my life!

Tomorrow morning (8:30ish ugh) I’m heading towards Nice for the night where I’m staying in a REAL hotel so I’ll have a bit of privacy, which I’m excited for after nearly 3 weeks of sharing rooms… really it’s 5 weeks though because even at first I shared with Suzanne! (Love you).

The other change that’s been made is that instead of going to Greece I’m going to be going to Croatia! While I’m sad that I wont be able to see Athens and Santorini I’m also very excited to be going to the place where they have been filming Game of Thrones!!! They also might actually be filming while I’m there which just makes me Giddy. I should start getting ready for dinner or something. Heading to bed early today which everyone knows is weird for me. But I’ve got to head out early tomorrow.



One thought on “Halfway through!!!

  1. Dear Maddy,
    This is Christina writing you from the airport/train station in Paris. The airline lost ALL three suitcases, so we’re traveling light and Luther just went and purchased cords so that we could recharge our phones. We’re here for a family wedding, so we hope they find everything in time for NEXT Saturday’s event. Meanwhile, I have a perfect excuse to go shopping (which I normally do NOT do.)
    I finally finished packing up the classroom at Meany and I’ve been working to unpack it at Mann. The new building is so beautiful and I love the tall tall windows. I shifted around the furniture and emptied many boxes,but I have more to do. I thought I’d get it done before I left on this trip, but…no. I even have two huge cabinets with drawers in them, much like the ones we had before.
    I’ve just read every single post you’ve put up. It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time though I know it has to be scary and lonely sometimes. My sister will be in Cinque Terra in the next few weeks. Justin was able to recognize her when he saw her one day (did you ever hear that story??) so maybe you’ll recognize her, if, by coincidence, you’re in the same place.
    We have a few more hours to wait for the train. Glad I brought cards!



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