Unfortunately no Wifi!

Currently I’m in the Cinque Terre staying in Riogammoire (the town farthest south). Unfortunately my hostel here doesn’t have Wifi so I’m writing a quick post on my phone (also no AC but I’ll talk about that later). I’m heading to Florence tomorrow so I’ll hopefully have wifi there so I can post something substantial. 

A very sunburned Maddy


One thought on “Unfortunately no Wifi!

  1. Hi Maddy,
    I am your Mom’s friend from work…don’t know if you will remember me or not.

    Enjoy Florence and Venice! I KNOW the leather market in Florence is enough to spin a girls head!!! I know I have done some SERIOUS Damage there! One hint, IF you go to Boboli Gardens, ask them when you go in, “What time do they open the Grotto. They don’t publish this but they only open it once an hour for 10 min and you have to be there when they open or you don’t get in. The Grotto is AMAZING.
    If you go to see the David, try to get there as Early as you can because the lines are long and not a lot to see.
    UFFIZI is like the Louve but the Italian Masters.
    There is a Market behind the Leather market, amazing place and they make GREAT sandwich’s for not much $$

    Venice is fabulous. There is a café in St Marco square. It is the first Café ever. I think it opened in 1720. Café Florian. It is worth going inside to look around. AMAZING.. They say, if you haven’t been lost in Venice, you haven’t been to Venice.
    Just remember, you are lost in Italy…it’s all good.


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