I guess this means it’s nearly done.

In the last 61 days I’ve been to 8 different countries. I’ve seen museums and churches. I’ve danced in clubs on the beach. I’ve gotten off of ferries on the wrong stop. Swam in the Mediterranean. Through all of that I think my favorite memories that I’ve made are of the people that I’ve spent time with. I’ve met so many people and a lot of them are people that I know I’m going to keep in touch with for the rest of my life.

I leave tomorrow morning to head back home. I have a 15 hour flight from Rome to Chicago and then from Chicago to Seattle. I’ll be home 10:30pm Seattle time.

I’m not sure what to think about heading home. Don’t get me wrong I miss my family, my friends, and real life. Yet at the same time I’ve been having such a good time here and there are so many things, so many people, that I’m going to miss.

After 2 months of being on my own being a real adult it feels weird getting ready to head back to a more… regular life.

There have been things that I meant to do but didn’t. Places I wanted to go but didn’t. But at the same time I did things I never imagined, went places I didn’t expect. I really want to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s supported me in any way.

I’ve heard so many people say that they couldn’t possibly do what I did. And to be blunt, that’s crap. Admittedly I didn’t think I could do it. You can ask Taylor how many times I freaked out and said that exact thing. But within a week I’d figured it out. I’m not claiming to know everything about this trip and I’ve certainly screwed up quite a few times. But everything that I did I learned from. I believe that anyone who wants to can travel and even if it’s as simple as going to a place you’ve always wanted to go you should do it and tell me all about it!

I don’t know what I’ve really learned from this trip other than how to take care of myself and deal with those mistakes that I did make. But I do know that I feel more like an adult.

I left home for this trip before I really got a chance to really think about what I’m going to do in the next year or so. I guess when I get home I really do have to think about it. I do know that as soon as I can I want to come back and see the people I’ve met, do the things I didn’t do.

I never expected that after two months I’d want to stay so much. Before I left I was so scared about the little things. I was convinced that by now I’d be so ready to come home and now I’m actually leaving. It’s like I’ve been gone forever but at the same time I just got here.

I’ll be posting some pictures soon and maybe I’ll post again soon. I’ll try and keep posting on here!

Hopefully I’ll be headed on another trip soon!

To everyone back home I’m excited to see you!

To everyone I’ve met here, I’m going to miss you guys and thank you for making this trip amazing. I hope to see you soon and if you’re ever in Seattle (Or on the western half of America) please let me know!

To everyone thank you for supporting me in this whole thing. It’s been the trip of a lifetime although hopefully it’s really just the beginning.



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