My Thing

I talked to a few people while I was on my trip who had weird things that they did in each place. Or something they looked for in each place.

I had two of those. The first was pretty normal. Whenever I had time to look around for a market I would. Often it ended up being where I would eat almost every day, or that was the case in both Florence and Lisbon. I didn’t do this in every city but in many I did, and part of that was that I wouldn’t look it up on the internet. I wanted to just find them. The two I found both had food courts where you could get a quick meal or ice cream, also air conditioning!

IMG_4363 IMG_4631

The other thing I did was that I looked for the best Chinese food. I tried chinese food in nearly every country and in most cities. Some had amazing food. Others… Not so much.

The winners: Paris and Budapest
The loser: Madrid

I’ve been asked over and over “Didn’t you eat the local food?” Yes. I did. But it was something, like pringles, that just seemed like a comfort thing. When I was missing home of just felt like I needed a touch of something familliar.

I think it’s good when you’re away from home to have something comforting. For me it was going out for chinese food, although in a pinch Pringles did work. I don’t really even like Pringles. They hurt my mouth. But I think my point is that even though what I picked to be something to make me feel better when I missed home, which I did of course, I think everyone needs that. If you’re at College across the state or travelling around the world something to remind you of home is always good.

So I’m thinking about posting things about what I packed and stuff like that. Let me know if you’re interested or if you want to know about anything else.