What’s coming in 2016

I keep starting to write posts looking back on last year and I can’t seem to get the words to come out how I want them to. My solution to this is to instead write what’s coming this year and then I’ll write the looking back post later.

This year is going to be a big one. On March 3rd I’m flying to London to go visit friends from my trip as well as to see more of London. I’ll be there for about 3 weeks. I think the biggest deal about this right now is that I paid for the tickets with my own money. It’s probably the first time I feel like a real adult. Now I just have to save up for everything I want to get while I’m over there.

After March is a little more up in the air but currently I’m planning on going on a big road trip all over the US. Maybe I’ll head to Mexico or Canada and see more of those places. In September I’ll be in Alaska for a short time for a wedding then it’s on to Los Angeles…

I think the biggest thing that I’m planning though is that I’m planning on moving to Los Angeles around September. And I’m hoping that by actually posting it on here it’ll make it more solid. It’s a bit scary even though I have been planning on doing it for years. I’m not sure how it’ll happen but I know that no matter what I’m heading down there and I’ll do my best to make it work. If you have any advice please let me know!

I’ve been working at Old Navy as a sales associate and I’m hoping to continue working there for quite a while. I’ve been really enjoying it.

My goals for this blog over the next year is simple. I want to continue writing in it. Especially with how much traveling I’ll be doing. And I’m hoping to make some travel videos and so hopefully those will come soon too. I’ve been working on a two part slideshow thing of the trip from this summer and part one is done except for the music… someday I’ll finish it!

I’m off to have dinner and go to bed. Working tomorrow!



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