My First Review

Since this is my first review I guess I should start with something quintessentially American, the hamburger. The restaurant we went to was Cheers. In the heart of Boston Cheers is based on the sitcom and offers a great pub atmosphere with quick and friendly service at a reasonable price. We sat outside which was great as we got to enjoy the cool Boston evening which really added to the atmosphere.

Anyway onto the important stuff, the food. Maddy wanted mozzarella sticks for starters, an inspired choice because they were brilliant. The mozzarella was melted and stringy and went well with the marinara sauce. I am new to mozzarella sticks and was therefore easy to impress but Maddy rated them highly although wants to add that they could have been crispier.

To me the sign of a good burger is that once you pick it up, you can’t put it down without risking it falling apart. It turns a sandwich into a feast and with the right ingredients provides plenty of good flavours and textures. Cheers make a good burger. I ordered the bleu cheese and bacon burger, as a fan of meat and cheese it seemed like an obvious choice. The meat was tender and juicy, the bacon crispy, and the cheese an acquired taste. To me it was a great combination. The cheese was almost a sauce and with a bun that could have done with more toasting there was potential for the texture to become too mushy. This was saved by the crispy lettuce and onion which really added to the flavour but more importantly the texture of the burger.

The burger really was a feast as the different ingredients combined into one glorious experience and although I was not a fan of the under toasted bun it did somehow allow me to keep this feast together, no easy feat considering the quantity of food between the bread. My only criticism would be that I ordered my burger rare and it was hardly pink in the middle. It is hard to complain though considering how much I enjoyed it.

In the UK we would describe the food Cheers offers as “pub grub” a very unflattering term for one of my favourite types of food. Cheers gave me a taste of home but in an American way, the footie was on the TV but they served fries and not chips and ice water as soon as we sat down. It was great.

Thanks for reading my first review. I’d like to know what you think. What American food or restaurants would you recommend?



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