5 days in Croatia and a change in my itenerary!

So getting to Croatia ended up being a bit of a pain but there were some silver linings. I was supposed to get on a boat from Bari, Italy to Dubrovnik, Croatia on Tuesday July 28th. That didn’t end up happening. Long story short there was a missed train, a very early phone call to my moms, a bit of crying in the Venice train station, and it ended up that I was scheduled to take the next boat from Bari which left two days later. My amazing mom booked me a hotel because I wasn’t feeling great and needed to relax a bit before heading on. I spent a day in bed relaxing, went to a movie which I didn’t understand and ended up waking up early to try and head to the ferry terminal. After getting lost near the luggage terminal and finding out I had over 6 hours before I could even pick up my tickets I set off to find food. I explored the old town, by explored I do mean got lost, got some food and headed back.

When I got to the boat terminal again I still had 2 hours before I could do anything so I sat outside and started talking to the four guys that were on the next bench. They were headed to Croatia as well and it ended up that I hung out with them all night

Eventually we all did get on the boat and set sail for Croatia. The boat was overnight and we stayed up pretty late eventually ending up in the cabin that I’d got because no one else was in there. We somehow fit 8 people in my tiny cube of a cabin that was  meant for 4 people. We got to Croatia at 8 am and all piled off the boat and headed to get food and try and see if the guys could get rooms in my hostel. They did and we left our stuff at our hostel.

Just for the record if you’re in Dubrovnik stay at the Dubrovnik Backpackers Club. It’s family run. Everyone is so hospitable and They make you breakfast every morning that’s incredible! Website is here

We basically spent  2 full days on the water getting slightly burned but also having a ton of fun. On our second day we attempted and failed to get a boat but ended up just swimming again. Our third day it was time to head to Split so we caught a ferry (Barely) And headed off. Got off the boat no problem start walking around trying to find our hostel… and we were on an island… we’d gotten off early and that was the last boat. It was 9pm and we were stuck in Hvar. Not a bad place to be stuck. We did find somewhere to stay and the next day we finally got out boat!!! We headed to Split that evening and a train the next day and here I am in Zagreb.

The change in my itinerary is that I’m now going to Budapest. Not entirely sure how it happened but the guys invited me to tag along so I am. So tomorrow I’m off to Hungary!